July 7, 1884

Fahrlander Family
New York, 7 July 1884

Dear Friend !!!

You will be not a little surprised that I have not given you an answer for so long. However, I was unable to since I had bad luck again and again and did not want to write before I had got out of the lousy* pipe factory job.
Well finally I have gotten out of that abominable job and I am very glad now and feel much happier than before and do no longer need to have myself ruined as much any more as I had to by Weiss. But before I left I really told him off, which angered him no end. I left on the first of May and was unemployed for six weeks after that. I had deluded myself of course, thinking I could find work again right away. However it did not matter much to me whichever way it turns out as long as I am separated from the pipe business. Now I work in the mail basement, bottling department at 20 Day Street. Only imported beer is bottled there: Erlanger, Pilsener, and Culmbacher. Things are a lot different from the way they were with Weiss and the pay is much better too, and it is also possible to "look pretty deeply into the glass".** I found this job myself and it is a very good job and steady too. I could have hardly found anything better.
Dear friend, you may well imagine how I often felt. Until now I have however always been well. I was only suffering a little from my fever again, a condition, however, I am rather used to, even though I was restricted to my house several times, but my health improved every time. I have been working for three weeks now an received $9.00 the first week, and can advance steadily within a short time. My sister left Weiss too, and is now with American where she liked it very much too.
At Kaltenberg they did work hard for four weeks in preparation for the Fourth of July.
Linder will probably have told you all the details and also about the zither, for I gave him your address just recently, since he had lost it and written to me for it. I do not know how things stand with the zither.
Nopper returned from the West as early as March, just like a tramp and half frozen. He lost Mathes(?) in a fight.*** He is now employed in an iron foundry at 56th Street and 11th Avenue. Holzer did not go to Germany as I had thought. Veronika Schill has married and they do not know at all where Barber is. Veronika's husband is a baker and they still live in Brooklyn on 6th Avenue together with Schorsch (George), and they send their regards. Many regards from the Noppers and Mrs Nopper's brother has come from overseas. Polz and Anni are still going together and they will probably marry soon. They send their regards.
I also recently wrote to Maria and she may perhaps have felt insulted too since I had not replied to her for so long. In her last letter she sent me her picture which made me very happy.
Beat regards from all your comrads. Dear friend, I hope you will not be angry with me and forgive me that I have kept you waiting for so long. It will not happen next time.
I now want to conclude my letter, hoping that this letter will find you healthy and well.
Greetings from your friend

Adolph Ihringer

Written in margin:

My address is
A. Ihringer
c/o Mrs. Metzner
48 Av. A


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