Letters 1881-1949

Fahrlander Family

NOTES ON LETTERS: (Helen Ramsey)

Dad left Germany September 7, 1880, for America. He was to contact his cousin (Resch) who had been working at Ansonia Clock Company on Long Island and who might be able to help him secure work. But when Dad arrived in New York and tried to locate him, he found that he was no longer with Ansonia, and Dad did not know where he had gone. He had to write his father in Germany to ask him to get in touch with Resch's family and get his new address,all of which took time. It appears that Dad had written Resch prior to leaving Germany, telling he was coming, but that Resch had already left New York and didn't receive the letter, and this must be the undelivered letter mentioned in the February 13 letter. This letter also indicates that he wrote the Post Office in New York asking that the letter be forwarded, and since the postmaster replied that they did not have a letter, Resch thinks it might have gone to the Dead Letter Office, as we would call it, in Washington, and he would write them. (Such optimism, in view of our present postal "service".)
Meanwhile, Dad was in New York, at 17 years of age, unable to speak English and so unable to qualify for many jobs. He seems to have been able to find former Germans from his locality: the Noppers (a hat store), and George Schill. Then in the letter of 15 April, 1881, Dad's father mentions a Karl Feil, a watchmaker, leaving Germany March 13, 1881; that "He wants to go to Thomaston where Resch, Vitus Hummel are working too ... Casimer Holzer has asked for your address ... he is working in Brooklyn. I will enclose his address for you and also the one of Franz Burger, Huffler, the son of the roadmaster in Waldkirch, your former schoolmate, has also left for America. Your schoolmate Fischer from the 'Ziegelhof' in Waldkirch, who left for America before you, is said to have died in New York."
Dad mentions in his memoirs that this cousin, the watchmaker (Resch), had also been in England prior to coming to America.



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