May 16, 1883

Fahrlander Family

Siegelau, 16 May, 1883

Dear Hermann

I just learned that a daughter of the carpenter Weisgin Waldkirch is leaving for America and I use this opportunity to write you a few lines in a hurry.
On the 30th of April of this year, purchase of the Hof took place (by mother to son). It is true that she did not give him the farm very cheaply. He has to pay 20,000 fl (?) or 33,000 marks in spite of the fact that she reserved the right to be cared for during her lifetime.*
The marriage contract between the son and your sister Rosa took place on the same
day in the Hirsch. We do not know yet what the marriage date will be. We will, however, inform you once it is set, in greater detail. Rosa has not been feeling well for some days now.  It is true that she works every day, but does not look well. Let us hope that she will be all right again for the hard work she is about to start.
I do not have much additional news for you at this point. The Music Club makes good progress. I hope that you received my letter of April 17. I am somewhat surprised what you think of the letter of Xaver Peter.
Please write us again soon to tell us how you are. All spring we have had dry, cold weather. As late as last week, the 10th of May, it snowed all day. Now since last Sunday, which was Whitsunday, (Pentecost) it has been quite beautiful and warm. The fruit trees look very good; let us hope that we will have a better year. The fruit trees are in the fullest bloom so that one can have good hopes of a good fruit year. I am told too that the vineyards are in good shape.Old Mr. Steiert asked me whether you had written anything about his son. He told us "we have not heard from him for a long time".
Now I will conclude my letter. You will probably hear from us again soon.
Wishing you indestructible health.** All of us greet you cordially, especially your Father.

Fr. Anton Fahrlander

* The monetary unit "fl" is not understood, for Germany. It appears that the "son" involved
in the land purchase is the Josef Kury whom Rosa married.
** That is the translation, "indestructible".



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