September 12, 1886

Fahrlander Family
Indianapolis, Ind. Sept. 12th 1886

My Dear Friend!

Above all, accept my most cordial thanks for your kindness to send me your photograph which is appreciated highly. I was really happy to receive your picture, To be sure I could still recall your facial features well from the way you looked before, but to judge by your picture, you have changed quite a lot. What struck me most and what I like best is the martial mustache which sits there so bravely and challengely in the center of your face. In this manner you have surpassed me by far since I still have to "march with the geese". Up to now I have not had myself photographed. I promise you upon my honor that you will be one of the first to receive a photograph of me as soon as I have one taken.
I really wish very much that I could spend a few days with you again. How much we could tell each other. It would be a great joy for me to be able to go hunting and shooting with you. If it were only possible I would hurry to get to you in order to enjoy your dear company. Unfortunately however, that is not easily done now, for I have been in a new position for 6 weeks. I am working as a clerk in a Wholesale Notions and Dry Goods Store. I am thoroughly fed up with bar tending. If you should ever need a handkerchief or dress buttons, just come to see me. I willl sell them to you at a laughable price.
It was terribly hot with us here; so hot that the oldest people could not recall anything similar.
Last week I was sick too. I experienced a case of cholera morbus. It was running so thin, as thin as cold creek water.
I do not have much that would be new to write to you. I believe that I earlier told you that I belong to the Zither Club in Indianapolis. The general rehearsals of this club will start this week under the direction of Prof. Bopp. Also a Kuhorn from Baden*. I play the 2A-Streich Zither. It is marvelously beautiful, fine, tender music. We intend to give concerts this winter, even outside of Indianapolis in the State of Indiana. I will send you the programs and newspapers concerning those events if you are interested.
I have now come to an end with my scribbling and conclude in the anticipation that this letter will reach you in the best of health and feeling well. Farewell and always remaining your friend,

Chs. Aug. Santo

My address:
Chs, Aug. Santo
c/o L. Ludorff
110 S. Meridian St.


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