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 (Helen's notes)

(English scientists (Watson and Tizaru – if I have names right), developed radar before Germany had it.

Oct. 1940, Germany had to acknowledge that its air force had failed in conquering England.
May 11, 1940, Churchill became Prime Minister.
Sept. 27, 1940, Tripartite Pact (Japan joined Axis): if one got into war with U.S., the other two would come in too. Italy other member.
July, 1940, Pan American meeting; U.S. Promise of protection to any American colonies of European countries which were transferred to Hitler.
Aug. 1940, U.S. And Canada agreed to exchange of free use of each other's naval facilities.
Sept. 1940, U.S. Congress passed first peacetime conscription (age 21-35).
Also this date, U.S. Arranged transfer of 50 “moth-balled” destroyers to England in exchange for 99-year leases on naval and air bases in British West Indies, Newfoundland, Bermuda.
To charges that these moves were unneutral (by both Hitler and some U.S. People), Attorney General Jackson advised Roosevelt that Hitler could no longer invoke International Law when he had already violated viciously the neutrality of Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.
The issue of aid and possibility of then getting into war brought many groups and organizations to headlines, for and against. One of the loudest, America First Committee (using Lindberg). It was learned after war that they had accepted from Germany.
Jan. 1941, after reelection, Roosevelt appealed to Congress for aid to nations fighting for freedom, and also the Lend-Lease Act authorized the President to “sell, transfer, exchange, lease, lend” any defense articles to government “of any country whose defense the President deems vital to the defense of the U.S.” and facilities of American shipyards. After passing Lend-Lease Act Mar. 1941, the U.S. seized all Axis shipping American ports.
April 1941, U.S. took Greenland under protection and announced navy would patrol sea lanes in defense zones.
May 1941, transfer of 50 oil tankers to England and after sinking of an American freighter by U-boat, proclaimed “unlimited national emergency.”
June 1941, U.S. Froze all Nazi assets and closed consulates.
June 24, 1941, President announced Lend-Lease extended to Russia.
Sept. 4, 1941, after battle this date between U-642 and USS Greer, President ordered navy to “shoot on sight” any German submarine.


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