November 12, 1889

Fahrlander Family
Freiburg, 12 November 1889

Dear Brother;

Since I had your letter I had no time to get my picture taken. Most likely you must have been waiting for this with pain. I have so much work to do with the recruits that we do not have one moment's time for ourselves. Now I have escaped for a moment. I would only wish you could also be present for this picture taking, that I could also see what kind of impression (photo) you would make. I would not want to impose my picture on anyone, it might turn out to be bad.
I can not take any more time to write more. It is four o'clock. My picture is still not ready and one I want to keep
kind greetings from

Fr. Anton

Address: Private, First Class Fahrlander
Company 3, Regiment No. 113


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