May 19, 1886

Fahrlander Family
Indianapolis, Ind. May 19, 1886

My Dear Friend!

I have received your dear letter and with this letter I want to give you an answer that I owe you. Above all I have to apologize that I have kept you waiting so long for my reply. I was of the firm opinion that it should have been me to receive a reply from you. I still believe that is correct. If I am not mistaken I gave you my other address in my last letter, but I do not want to insist on that. Sometimes 8 to 14 days pass before I get to see my Uncle and those letters just remain lying there until I pick them up.
As far as I am concerned I can not complain; that is, in regard to my health. About 8 weeks ago I suffered from a stubborn cold affecting my kidneys and I was restricted to my bed for 8 days but now I am up again and feel as well as a "bird in hemp seed".
On the 16th of this month an excursion train went from here to Cincinnati. I siezed this inexpensive opportunity to pay a visit to my aunt and cousin who live there. I was in the queen City for 3 days and had a beautiful time. The most beautiful girls I have ever seen live in Cincinnati and they are not coy as in other places. As I stated before, amusement and fun enough. I only wish I could have been there for about 4 to 6 weeks. To be sure I did see a lot in those 3 days. I was on my feet all the time, never made it to bed before 2:00am. I was really tired when I got home. The muscles in my thighs still hurt. I am not used to mountain climbing anymore. Here everything is as flat as a noodle board. Indianapolis is a beautiful city but nothing around it. Just a place like any other place, as a Berliner says.
There is nothing else that would be news that I could write you. My sister has been in Paris since March. I only rarely receive news from my friends. Are you still a farmer? What did the last storm do to you? It caused terrible damage in the State of Indiana.
As far as that goes I have reached the end of my letter and I hope you will be happy.
I remain with the most cordial regards,

Yours sincerely

Chs. Aug. Santo

Correct my address as follows:
Chs, Aug. Santo
c/o Mr. H. Weinberger, St. Helena Hotel
10. 12. & 14 West Louisiana Str.
Indianapolis, Ind.


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