May 15 (25?), 1949

Fahrlander Family
Haltingen, May 25 (or 15?), 1949

Dear Helen and family!

We received your air mail letter 8 days after you sent it and thank you. Yesterday I also got a letter from Emil at Milford.
Your letter I could read very well. Read I can better and translate, but it not easy for me to translate in English.
Your little daughter on the picture is very nice, as a little miss. You will have many joy with the girl.
Your letter was very interesting about you, your family and your home. By this correspondence with you and your brother I can learn very much in English language. I cannot always find the words but I hope you can understand me.
Since 2 weeks we have cold weather and the last Tuesday it was so cold the potatoes and ____*-crop will be very bad this year in our district.
In the newspapers I could also read the last winter in U S A were very strong blizzards. But now spring will come and we hope all will be better, not only in the nature but also in the hearts of the peoples.
You also by the radio will have heard the blockade of Berlin is now finished. So for the inhabitants now times will be better.
On the radio we heard very much music by the modern orchestra. When you here are in any dancing place, you heard only the wild American music. But this music I love not. I want to hear a fine and good melodie. With some school-friends we made on Sundays home music, since ten year I play violin.
With the studies at Karlsruhe I must wait till beginning of Oktober. At first I had to work on house-building so the school work from every student. But now this time is over.
We all hope we can live in peace and do our work, more we want not.
Now I will finish in the hope to hear from you again.

With the best regards to you and your family

I remain

Hansrudi Fahrlander

* The word looks like “hoch” which is German for “high;” possibly he means that crops on higher ground would be affected by this late cold weather.


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