March 4, 1895

Fahrlander Family

Kohlenbach, 4 March 1885

Our Dear Relative Herman

We received your letter and learned from it that you are well in America and that you like it there. I would have written you a long time ago but I am certainly not one skilled in writing and I thought that your Father would describe our conditions here to you. I will in accordance with your wish just send the authorization.*

Thank God we are healthy and things go rather well for us. Little August is rather big already, whereas he was still quite small when you left. Xaver is in Kollnau and is in an apprenticeship learning the craft of a cooper. Your Godmother is much concerned about you and often says, "I wonder what Hermann is doing". Her most urgent wish would be to see you again.
This is about all I have to write you now and we hope that you will write again.
Best regards from all of us and we remain your dear relatives,

Christian Rieder

* This could be an authorization for Dad to sign, naming someone to represent him in the probation of the estate of his sister Mary Ann, who died Nov. 2, 1884. Distribution of the estate was made March 27, 1885.




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