March 30, 1889

Fahrlander Family

_____________________* 30 March 1889

Dear Friend.

I received your letter and learned from it that you would like to have the money and I would certainly like to send it to you, but I do not have it right now. Corn does not bring much now and there is no time for me to travel, and this winter I have had a lot of turmoil with my donkey. One ran into the pasture fence and hurt himself, and when he got better again I had them hoofed in __________* and then the blacksmith made a mistake so that I could not use him all winter long, but now is better again. I wanted to send it to you last fall. At that time I intended to fatten pigs, but I could not. I had to sell them the way they were and I did not get much for them. They were the Leckland breed. The person who bought them has not succeeded in fattening them yet, and I have a lot of pigs to feed. However, it took almost two to three months and then I intended to send it to you if you can wait that long.
Now I want to conclude my letter, sending you my regards.

C. Better**

*Name of town (in Iowa) could not be determined. Postmark on front of envelope is not clear, only the date "Mar 29 1889" is legible, below lower edge remaining of a two-cent stamp. On reverse side of envelope is another postmark: Rec'd. Council Bluffs, Mar. 30, 1889 - 7 PM, --stamped over another postmark of which "Atlantic" is barely visible, also "Mar," but balance of mark has been covered with the Council Bluffs stamping.
On the letter, the town is written in Gothic and not Latin letters, and appears to something like "Lorok", or "Lorak", resembling no town name on present Iowa map listing, nor in the 1875 Atlas of Iowa counties in the library.
** Upon referring to Dad"s Memoirs, it becomes clear that the Xaver Peter mentioned in letters of 2 October, 1881; 16 May, 1883; and 17 August, 1884, became known as Pete Betters in Iowa. Dad states he had been corresponding with him and was to contact him upon arrival in Council Bluffs, but that he had difficulty locating him because of the change in name. Why he changed his name is a mystery.




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