March 27, 1899

Fahrlander Family

Kohlenbach, 27 March 1899

Dear Hermann

We received your letter on the 10th of last month and it made us very happy to hear from you, yourself and family, as I learned from your parents what you had told them, for we get together a lot now and I often ask your Father for advice. As I learned from your letter, your Father has already written you of the undertaking that is imminent. We are building a beautiful three-story house in Kollnau, with a store in it. One could almost speak of two houses with one entrance which separates both houses from each other. The lot is in Kollnau where lots are rather expensive. I had to pay five marks per square meter and it is a rather small lot which cost almost 4000 marks, just for the lot, and thus the house will be expensive. It costs more than many a farm.
We "gave away" (sold) the farm. The Godmother* is suffering much and she could not take care of the household anymore, and strange servants are expensive, and Joseph would like to be a farmer too. He wanted to marry and married a beautiful girl from Katzenmoos.
Wilhelm was a blacksmith and had to work away from here and thus a blacksmith shop was thought necessary in Kollnau, or even a second one, for the former blacksmith does not know what to do with all the work he has. A second blacksmith shop is being built next to the house. Also, August, the barber, is moving into the shop. He can pursue various things, whatever is possible. Kollnau is increasing or growing, a lot. There are 2000 inhabitants there and still no barber.
Xaver is married, in Vienna, but I do not know what his business is there. It is true he writes well (meaning his station is a good one). However, I believe that it is better to stay home than to move away into the wide world.
Dear Hermann, we are separated from each other by a wide distance, and I can hardly believe that we will see each other again. Life is short and flees fast. I was 60 years old and then one learns to treasure both time and life.
We also read in your letter that you again have received a little "prince".** Even in America, under the burning sun, boys prosper. We wish you happiness and health, and as we can see from your picture, all are strong and powerful. You also wrote that this winter was pretty cold in America. We in Germany had no winter at all this time around. It was almost rather warm. Only now in April when I am writing this letter, it is snowing heavily and rather cold besides.
Otherwise there was nothing much new I could write you for since you left again many things have changes. The old blacksmith in Siegelau died a short time ago. His inheritance fell to his distantly related heirs. He had torn up a will which he had written before, two days before his death because he was mad at the owner of the Hirsch Inn, and because he (the innkeeper) was listed as heir.
Your brother Franz Anton has sold a lot of wood, for wood is expensive for us here. He works hard and can make good use of this income since they have a rather large group of descendants, consisting of girls and boys.
I do want to conclude my letter now with best regards. Many regards especially from your Godmother and from all of us.

Your Cousin, Christian Reider

* It appears that Christian's wife was Godmother to Dad, and Joseph is a son.
** The little "prince" just arrived that year, would be Arnold.



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