June 3, 1889

Fahrlander Family

Siegelau 3rd June 1889

Dear Hermann!

We received your dear letter of the 29th of April on the 15th of May.
It so happened that the mayor acting as orphanjudge was present here at the time in order to hold the auction of the effects left by my brother Fidel.* We had agreed that we would not yield anything to a stranger. Immediately I purchased everything at the auction and divided it again with the Magenmller with the exception of the bed and a few other minor things which Leonhardt bought at the auction. The negotiations concerning the division of the property have not been concluded yet. However, there could easily be another hearing again soon.
Your brother Franz Anton in Freiburg, is well. He is always healthy. He is reported to be a very good shot. Among the 60 of his comrades he is supposed to be one of the five best and has good hopes to receive a prize this time. This time he will not come on leave during Whitsuntide; perhaps for several days later during the harvest.**
The family of your Sister Rosa is well. Of the children, one is not completely well here and there, but nothing serious.
This spring has been very favorable with continually warm weather through the entire month of May, taking turns with rain. All the feed and other crops have grown very fast and beautifully. Particularly on the mountain there has been good pasture. I can not recall ever having had such a favorable May. Cattle prices have again gone up quite a bit and young pigs too were better to sell this spring.
The Bear Inn here is supposed to be sold in an auction in the near future by court order.
Things are not all that good with the farmer Kopp. The effects are said to have been repossessed for non-payment. Well, let us hope things do not get worse. The old wife of the innkeeper of Eagle Inn died too.
Mathias Nopper, Belzen, born in Siegelau, is at present stoker in a factory in Kollnau. You will probably remember him. He was employed there at the time you went to Kollnau. He asked me recently to give him your address. He would like to write to you soon. I will not refrain from giving it to him.
The wife of the teacher Weber in Waldkirch told me recently that you had written him a very beautiful letter. They enjoyed it immensely. It did them a lot of good to hear something from you. Perhaps you could write her again. Mrs. Jger of the Rebstock Inn often asks how you are. I am sure you would make her very happy if you would write her a letter. We still go there by wagon.
Well, Hermann, I want to conclude now. Please write us again soon. Best regards from all of us and we wish you happiness and health so that you can come to see us once again. Once again, best regards from your Father.

&nb sp; Fr. Anton Fahrlander

*"Orphanjudge" is the translation of the word, possibly referring to someone responsible for settling estate of someone who, as Fidel, had no wife or children, or perhaps one who died intestate.
Also might mention that Mr. S. is uncertain about the translation of the name "Magenmller."
** Whitsuntide: Days following Whitsunday (also Pentecost), which is seventh Sunday following Easter.




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