June 26, 1887

Fahrlander Family

Siegelau 26 June 1887

Dear Brother!

Finally, dear Brother, I take the time to once again write you a few words as to how I and my family are. Thank God, all of us are well and I hope that you are too. In your last letter of 4th of January, I see that a letter from your family makes you very happy, and I can well imagine that that is true, since I know how much I enjoy a letter from you and how eagerly I anticipate it whenever you have not written me or Father for quite some time.
Dear Brother, since you left and the ocean separates you from us, the fate of the world has changed in many regards. Death has torn many a hole among loves ones. Every year death demands a number of people and it fills many a heart with pain and sorrow. Father will probably have written you about the death of the City Clerk and you can imagine that that was quite a blow for your cousin to lose him so suddenly, but one just has to recall again whatever God does is right, particularly since there is a small joy for her connected with it, for Franz Joseph is now free of the military duty and home now.*
Dear Brother, in your last letter you say that when my oldest son is grown up I should send him to you, which is something one cannot yet decide now, even though I have four boys. The stork blesses me every year with a new gift, and thank God, all of them are well and strong, and their Grandfather's joy. They go to see him every day and help him spend the time. The names of the boys are, Joseph, Franz Anton, Wilheim and Xaver. So far, Victoria is the only girl I have and she attends school now and likes to learn.
Dear Brother, I live in peace with members of my family, even though the sorrows of life are not absent either, which you are perhaps aware of too, but if one is willing to help the other, things are not quite as difficult as if borne alone and I would wish for you that you could enjoy yourself in the circle of people dear to you.
Your brother, Franz Anton, has to enter the military again soon and thus they lose in him some help, but it could not be changed. Harvest has started with us and turns out to be fairly good.
I do not have much news and now I want to stop writing. You will have seen by now I have not forgotten how, even though it is poor enough, I still enjoy it. Farewell now, and write again soon. I won't keep you waiting so long before I respond. Many regards from my husband. Grandmother is particular sends her regards.

Your only Sister


Do write soon, dear Brother.

*City Clerk was Burger. See letter 26 July 1887 from his son, Franz Joseph.




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