June 12, 1892

Fahrlander Family
Siegelau 12th June 1892

Dear Hermann;

This time it has again taken a long time that I finally managed to write you. Do not think that for that reason you have been forgotten. Almost daily I think of you and accuse myself for not writing.
Your brother Franz Anton has recovered from his accident that he incurred a year ago this 15th of July. He is working again on a continual basis and does not complain that he experiences pain in his foot. However, his knee joint has remained stiff, I am afraid, and there is no hope that that will change. It is easy to see that working with a stiff foot is much harder, particularly with our steep hills. However, that can not be changed and we must be happy that he has been able to keep his foot.
How are you in America? I hope that your wife and child are well. Little Bertha, whom we have taken in from Joseph is well and grows fast.* Though she was an extraordinarily weak and small child, she is just as tall now as all her age.
The wife of the owner of the Eagle Inn died last year. I think I informed you of this earlier. Now he is again about to marry, this time with the mother of the wife of your brother, that is Minnie Holzer.** Our young lady and your brother as well, are somewhat sorry about it and are of the opinion that the old mother with 58 years should not marry again, particularly when there is not great gain to make with the owner of the Eagle Inn.
About Easter of this year the old Resch farmer died at the age of 87. Marie, his youngest daughter, was with him all the time and took good care of him. We would like to see our female neighbor (marry Joseph); the children would get a real mother.
Wilhelm Schreiner, who has been working for about two and one half years as apprentice with a barber in Waldkirch, has fallen ill with a heart ailment and has as a consequence of that been hospitalized in Waldkirch for the last five weeks. He feels much better, however, after having a week at home again, so that if he continues to recuperate in this manner, he will soon be able to resume his work again.
Potervit, whom you have also known well, died too. The wife of teacher Weber in Waldkirch died too. She suffered from arthritis or rheumatism of the joints and was in great pain.
I want to conclude now. With the best greetings both to your wife and you, as well as child, from your father, who will soon be old.

Fr. Anton Fahrlander

Please write again soon.

*Dad's sister Rosa, wife of Joseph Kury, died soon after birth of Bertha, while Dad was in Germany on visit in 1890
**The name Holzer is confusing. According to family listing of Franz Anton obtained from Hansrudi in 1974, Franz Anton (brother) married Teresia Hummel. Either she was a widow, or her mother had been widowed and married a Holzer and was widowed again.


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