July 24, 1883

Fahrlander Family

New York, 24 July 1883

Dear Friend!

I have been looking forward to news from you for a long time. Unfortunately without success so far. As you will probably remember, you told me that you wanted to write me right after your arrival. I do not even know whether you are still alive or not. However, I hope that you are well and that you arrived in good shape and that you will stay well in the future too, and that if fate decrees, we should see each other again, and be happy that way, and in that connection I just remember the lines:

Where there are two good friends who know each other
Sun and moon will turn dark before they separate
But still greater is the pain
When a dearly loved one moves away.

I still live on Essex Street and have not decided yet what to do, but since you left I don't like anything here at all. I am asked every day about how you are and can not provide information. Marie No. 2 has asked me more than fifty times, and whether you have not written. Marie No. 1 never leaves the house anymore and does not go to Schultzes since you left. Thus be so good as to write as soon as possible and address your letter to Nopper on Avenue B, since someone will be there for sure. For the time being I do not have to tell you anything about Marie.
Many regards from all your acquaintances.
Waiting for a speedy answer, I am sending you my regards.

Your Friend,

Adolph Ihringer

Note: Dad left New York City on July 2, 1883, for Iowa.



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