July 27, 1947

Fahrlander Family
Haltingen, July 27th 1947

Dear Aunt Maria!

Now we will thank you very heartily for your package. We were so glad about the package of you. The things we can need very good. We know that all this is a noble action by you and hope that this will rewarded to you by our God. We will pray, that a noble heart, you are having, will of old find the good ______(?).
In our land everybody have to do with himself and here you rare (?) will find a man helping you.
I know, I cannot good write what I am thinking, but I hope you can understand me.
In this difficult times we are so glad to know there are people thinking to our. It very difficult to get something. When having opportunity to get something, you have to pay so many money you have to work several months. Now it is summer and we many vegetables have in our garden but the hungry is the same. ______(?) it is very dry and this is no good for the potatoes. The crop is no good. In Oktober I intend to visit a school for technique in the town Munchen (umlaut over the u) or Karlsruhe. But this is very difficult, the schools are mostly destroyed and to live in a town in such times is very hard.
Now I finish and with the best regards I remain

Hansrudi Fahrlander

Note: The question marks (?) and blank spaces are mine, indicating words I could not read with certainty, or at all.




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