July 26, 1887

Fahrlander Family

Siegelau 26 July 1887

Dear Cousin

I received you last letter with the picture in it while I was still in Konstanz and I would not even have recognized you if I had not known that it was you. Since the 11th of June I am no longer a soldier. I was released from service upon condition of recall.*
You may already know that my Father suddenly died on the 16th of May of a heart attack and that is why I had to be released from the army. I like living like this better than being in the army. One has more spare time again and is not being commanded about, but despite that it is more boring that it was in Konstanz, particularly on Sundays. On week days one has to work and time passes quickly. We are harvesting now. The crops are average, only oats had to suffer because of the long drought.
If you should ever want to take a health trip over the Black Forest, that would make me most happy. I will accompany you then and we could take the trip together.
Anton Fahrlander is coming to Freiburg. He already has a daughter too, namely by Minnie Holzer, the youngest on her farm. The child is not baptized yet as far as I know, but I do not want to have written this in the least, in case you should not yet know that.
I now want to conclude my letter and hope that you will always be well.

Many regards,


I would have written you much earlier but I was always too careless and I apologize.

*According to Rosa's letter of 26 June 1887, this is the City Clerk whose death she mentions, and this letter signed only "Burger", was written by his son, Franz Joseph. From which side of the family the relationshiop of cousin derives is not known.




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