July 20, 1886

Fahrlander Family
Indianapolis, Ind.  July 20th 1886

My Dear Friend!

I received your last letter dated the 6th of June and would like to express my thanks with this.  I am very happy each time to receive a letter from you and every time wait impatiently for an answer.  As you hint in your letter, you have a lost sweetheart in Cincinnati.  It is possible that I saw her, or rather, missed her.  One thing is certain: that Cincinnati provides a home for girls or young ladies who are very beautiful and not at all shy.  I have rarely seen girls more beautiful than those in Cincinnati.  If I see a girl as beautiful as that, I can not help but think of my lost sweetheart out there in my beautiful home country.  If you have ever seen her you would certainly have been captivated by her beautiful blue-fire eyes; indeed those blue eyes, devilish eyes, were what did it.  I thought no one could be happier than I when she and her sister came to see me.  We always had a good time and great fun.  We sang, ate, drank, and on those beautiful evenings, walked home.  I do not ever want to think of all the beautiful evenings we experienced.  When I left, how much she cried, how much she complained.  For 3 days she hardly ate or drank anything.  What beautiful little letters she wrote me.  It hit me like an electric spark when a letter from my sister arrived in which she told me that I should be prepared for something about to come, since Philomena was, as it appeared, about to change her mind and it happened just like that, just the way my sister wrote me.  Let me be silent about what followed.  I am one experience richer again.  I should have had a relationshiop here a long time ago.  However, burnt children are afraid of the fire.  I assume that you will remain silent in regard to things I told you in this letter.
I would love to pay a visit to you but do not know where to find the time.  I again started something new, that is, a Zither Club was founded here.  My cousin and I became active members too and now I have to learn how to play "streich" zither.  have you ever seen any of those?  There are 4 strings too, just as many as with the violin and tuned the same way.
I am eager to find out when I will receive your esteemed picture.  Do not have me wait too long.
Eight days ago it was terribly hot here, but now it has again cooled off, for had a pretty thunderstorm.  Is it that warm at your place too?  In the wintertime it must be beautiful for hunting where you are.  Are you also as fond of the sport of hunting as I am?  Otherwise I do not know very much that would be new.  My sister is now in a good position in Paris.  During the summer her employers however are at the ocean in baths most of the time where my sister has to accompany them.
Coming to a conclusion I now wish you the best and please receive my most cordial regards.

                                                                                                                              From your loyal friend,
                                                                                                                              Chs. Aug. Santo

Write soon.


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