January 21, 1883

Fahrlander Family

Siegelau, 21 January 1883

Dear Hermann.

We received your letter which made us very happy, for we have been waiting for a letter from you for a long time. Dear Herman, how things are here with us you will already know, that our dear father died and thus all of us feel strange in our home town, for if one does not have parents anymore, one is at home everywhere.* My sister Ludwina (umalout over the u) lives in the Harischwald. However, you would be better off by far in your home town than we and you want to make America your home, but I think that you are well and that is best, for our health is a great treasure.
I do not have to write you anything that is new in Siegelau. Thank God all of us are well. Little Vitus will be big soon.** If you should come to Germany again, I believe that I will no longer live in the Hummel house, for as I already wrote you, if one does not have parents anymore,one is at home everywhere, if the good Lord keeps me healthy.
Now I want to conclude my letter, sending you my best regards and hoping that we will write each other again. Regards too from Joseph and his wife. From me and my sister Ludwina, the very best regards.
From your cousin,***

Maria Hummel

I would also like to thank you from my heart for your New Year's present. I also wish you happiness and blessings for the New Year.

* She evidently refers to death of Jacob Hummel, who died July 7, 1881(Refer to letter of 24 July, 1881, to Dad from his Father).
** Do not know who this Vitus is, but it is not the Vitus of Haltingen, Hansrudi's father.
*** Maria and Ludwina were sisters of Dad's mother, so are his aunts, but the term "cousin" is used in referring to other relatives in general, according to dictionary.




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