February 6, 1891

Fahrlander Family
Lamar, Colo. Febr. 6 1891

Dear Friend.

I received your letter some time ago and I very much enjoyed hearing from you once again, not just as a friend, but as a cousin. I see from your letter that you married my cousin Miss Mary Gosch.* We congratulate you and Mary very much and wish both of you much happiness in your marriage. I was also glad to hear that Uncle and Aunt are feeling well again. As faras I am concerned, I am still well and feel fine and therefore do not have to suffer any need.
This winter I worked on the ditches and therefore I was not at home. Otherwise I would have written you a long time ago. Times are pretty hard here now. Feed and food are very expensive and the harvest was not much. First of all, more water has to brought to the land where now there is very much demand. I think in a few years from now plenty will be harvested here. Sometimes it does rain enough here to provide for a crop, but sometimes it runs off for the others too. The first year that I and John came out here it rained enough to make it possible to harvest something but since that time there has been a lack of rain again, too. This summer I did harvest plenty fo fodder but only a little corn.. I am planning not to do any farming here before I can get some water and I do not think that it will take long. I like the country here very much. If I can get water here to irrigate, then I would not desire any better place. I wish you could get out here once and take a look at the area. I doubt that you would lose much that way. If someone does not like it here, he does not have to stay here. Hunting is still pretty good here; plenty of jack rabbits and antelope.
I have been thinking of going to Pueblo or Denver this summer and work with the team, that is, if I can sell the stallion. He will be two years old the 20th of April and weighs 1400 lbs. now and built well. If times were not so rough now I could get a good price for him. His mother perished rather miserably. She was big, beautiful mass of 1400 lbs. and was with foal again. She rolled over in her stable, hitting the wall and could not get up again, and with the exertion, something broke in her.
My brother John is still in Denver, driving a beer wagon. He will get married on the 1st of March, with a German girl in Denver. Her name is Christina Reimer. I think if I cannot find anything anywhere, I will probably have to go to Denver too. The winter is pretty good here. We have had only a little snow.
Well, Herman, I have to conclude now and hope that you will write again soon. Please give my regards to Uncle and Aunt from me and all my cousins. Perhaps I will come to Iowa soon and pay all of you a visit. My regards to you and your wife.
Greetings from your friend and cousin,

 Nick Koch

* Ray said that according to Aunt Melly, Mother's father, Detlef Gosch, had a half-brother by the name of Koch, so this Nick Koch evidently is his son.


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