February 18, 1895

Fahrlander Family

Kohlenbach, 18 February (1895)

Dear Hermann

We received your letter and read your request to represent you, which I will take care of. We received the authorization and we were happy to hear from you again. The other day I went to Siegelau, having to conduct some business with the pastor. After that I went to see your father and told him that your authorization had arrived, if he intended to proceed in the matter or make the purchase. Your father did not give me much information. He only said that there was no hurry yet; that, however, it would have to be done sometime and the closer it came to the final decision, the more pressing it became for him. Your mother said that she would not yet be fully established here until Christmas. Your parents are still rather young to retire, especially your mother, but she did say she had she had a rather hard time with the many children of the young couple: five girls and another one on the way. Reinforcement every year. And your brother Franz Anton would like to be his own master or farmer too. Well we just wish that the matter will end well.*
Now I want to tell you some news about our family. Your Godchild has been rather unwell a lot this winter. She complains about having trouble with her breathing and her cough. Xaver Birbrauer has been in Vienna for two years. He is still unmarried and enjoys traveling and has got around quite a bit in the world. Joseph is home again now; he was a soldier too. Wilhelm was a blacksmith and now works in Kollnau. However, he will have to appear for a physical now and will without fail be drafted too. He is big and strong. August was still at home. He graduated from school a year ago. Ameliea has married a man in Bleibach.
We have a hard winter now. We have had snow for two months and it has been terribly cold. Last summer was exactly opposite that in America. It rained a great lot so that we had trouble harvesting our crops. Otherwise the crop was quite plentiful.
Now I want to conclude my letter with many regards. I wish that my letter will find you as well as it leaves us here and we wish you much happiness for the new year. Special regards to your wife.

Christian Rieder

* This refers to transition of the estate from father to a son, who is then to pay share due other members of the family, and the father retires. Dad's father is now 54 years old and evidently does not feel ready to retire, but son Franz Anton, 29 years old, probably anxious to be the proprietor, since he has a fast growing family.




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