February 11, 1908

Fahrlander Family
 Siegelau 11 February 1908

Dear Hermann!

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your good wishes for the New Year. Discounting small inconveniences, I feel fairly well and thank God when I can get up every morning and work a little. All other members of the family are well too. We too wish you and your family a blessed year, health, happiness, the greatest values of this earth.
This last summer Mr. Felix Nopper, a hat maker, your former landlord in New York, who with his family, wife and son, has been living in Waldkirch for some time, was here to see us in order to get to know the home of his former renter. He told us a lot about you and requested me to send you his regards. Here is address: Felix Nopper, Hatter, Bismarckstrasse No. 2, Waldkirch.
Last year was only a moderately good one for us here. Last winter had been an unusually hard and cold one for us, with snow continuing for a long period of time, so that as a result a lot of winter crops died in the higher elevations. There was a lot of pit fruits, some pears and almost no apples. The prices for cattle and pigs had been quite high for some years, but went down quite a bit last year. People are hoping that they will rise again, come spring.
The Eagle Inn here, along with the farm, was sold a few days ago for the sum of 39,500 marks with no difficulty. The buyers are Joseph Fuhrenbach, the son of ___________ in Dobol, whom you know too, and Xaver Ruf, the son of Joseph Ruf, called “Zeppie”, of Leisensizzle (?). Fuhrenbach wants to pursue agriculture and Ruf will take care of the inn. The present owner of the Eagle Inn, who is the son of the late Xaver Resch, is still a bachelor and has been sick for some time and there is little hope that he will ever really get well, and that is why he sold the estate.
The address of your cousin, Franz Anton Resch, is enclosed here. Since the time Benedict was back again in America, he has never written, I am told. His relatives have asked me to request you should be so good as to inform us here how he is.
Now I want to conclude, with best fatherly regards and the wish that all of you will be well, your father

F. Ant. Fahrlander, old

As far as I know your brother has written you, or is about to write.


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