February 11, 1889

Fahrlander Family

 Siegelau, 11 February 1889

Dear Hermann!

This time again I have to announce a message of mourning. I do not know if we have informed you that my brother Fidel had been in the hospital in Waldkirch since the middle of September of last year. This was because around the 8th of September of last year when he still lived with us in the granary, he experienced a very slight stroke.* Due to that he could not walk all that well anymore. He believed the cause of his affliction was due to the fact that his food was not strong enough. Then he went to the hospital. He did recover there somewhat but never became quite right again. SInce that time he has come to see us several times, stayed with us overnight and left the following day. He also intended, if the weather should become warmer again, to come back again. On the 10th of January he was here for the last time. On Friday, the 7th of this month, in the afternoon at 3:30 he suddenly died in the hospital. I was told that he had been sitting at the table occupying himself with splitting sticks of wood to light fires, and then had reclined. Another person had lifted him up. People had still put him to bed and in this manner he died quickly. We conveyed the body here and he was buried yesterday, before noon.
I can not at all say at this point how negotiations are concerning property division will turn out. It is believed that his property will go to some church somewhere or some place like that, and the brothers and sisters will not have much to hope for. When his effects were inventoried, nothein was found concerning papers that might have revealed information in regards to his property.
From your last letter we learned that you are still not quite well yet. This information has concerned me quite a lot. I have to repeat my old advice again: Do not sacrifice your health. If you believe agricultural work is not compatible with you, do not wait too long. As you well know, you can come home and find an occupation here which would be less harmful to your health.
Ulrich Eble, the son of my friend Mayor Eble of Niederwinden, came back home late last year after a five-year stay in America. However, he must not have liked it here particularly, for he left for America again about three weeks ago. Late last year Felix Nopper, born in Waldkirch, with whom you lived in New york for some time, was here on a visit and came to see me once on a Thursday when I was in the Rebstock Inn. He told me a lot about you and also said that you had written him once in awhile. When he left again, he took a girl, one of his relatives, along but I heard that she did not like it and is back here again.
We have had constantly bad weather for eight days, that is, storm and snow. Before that, however, all winter long no snow for three months and always quiet and beautiful weather. Your brother Franz Anton was with us here for ten days at Christmas and he is healthy and strong, weighing 152 pounds.
Well, I want to conclude now. Please be so good as to write again soon. All of us here greet you, but particularly regards from your Father,

Fr. Anton Fahrlander
*The granary is a two-story building across driveway from the house, and had sleeping rooms on second floor. In 1965, the entire building appeared to be used as a home.




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