December 4, 1949

Fahrlander Family
Karlsruhe, the 4th of Dec. 1949

Dear Helen and family!

Since a time I visit the High School for Technique here in Karlsruhe. It is very interesting to see and learn all the things, which necessary to learn the profession for a ingenieur for bridge-building.
I want to write you early and I hope you and your family in a good condition. Your little daughter will also be greater. Now soon is Christmas day and this not only the children but also the great people have a joy.
I dwell a good room and the family I dwell is good. They have three little children.
For school we have much to learn. Every day, 8:00 till half past 12:00 and 14:00 till half past 5:00 we have school; only three afternoons we have no. At ---days I have to learn. In the school we can eat in a great room for students. The life in this town is very dear and I have to live carefully. At Christmas Day we have holidays for two weeks and so I am glad to be home for a short time.
The family I dwell has many books and so I can sometimes read a good book. In town there are many books but not very interesting. The books in the shops are the most from the last war. Now so slowly come the good books, but very dear.
Karlsruhe is capital of Baden, 200,000 inhabitants. But much destroyed by the war. Everywhere the people working to cover the wounds war has stricken.
My parents and our little boy is in a good health.* Only my father sometimes is sick.
Now the winter comes with windy and cold weather. You and we are glad when spring comes with his flowers and blue skys.
Now I finish with the best wishes for you and your family.


* He refers, as the “little boy,” to Erich Regier, Luise's nephew, whom they raised.


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