December 25, 1959

Fahrlander Family
Haltingen, 25 December 1959

My Dear Ones:

Today is Christmas Day and that provides an opportunity for a quiet hour. On such holidays one once again thinks of his home and especially the dear relatives whom I have never forgotten. Dear Emil, I would like to have written you again some time ago, especially in reply to your letter of June. Well, dear Emil and dear family, I hope that all of you are well and wish all of you a Happy New Year. Especially a good new year to your young couple who celebrated their wedding in June. It made me very happy that you sent me those beautiful pictures. It is exactly such beautiful pictures that demonstrate how close we are to each other.
I only get to Siegelau once a year. I am extremely burdened by my business, so much so that I have hardly an hour free on Sunday. At that time I always have to do my paper work.
In your last letter you wrote that a woman and her daughter will come to Europe and will probably come to see me too. We received the photograph of them entering the airplane. We have been waiting for this visit. Have the woman and her daughter returned to America now? Please, dear Emil, keep me informed.
I keep reading newspapers from America in German. By the way, I am still somewhat interested in politics. Since America provides security and the main support for Germany, I stay with the policy of the C.D.U. Four weeks ago I was once again elected city commissioner and county commissioner. If America should desert us, Moscow would immediately rape Germany. Let us hope that the good cooperation between America and Germany will continue.
Just as soon as I will have some time, I will write you again. At present I am still engaged in expansion of my work shop. This expansion includes a new apartment for me too. Construction is expensive too and I always have to provide the money by working. Due to my accident in February of this year I could no longer engage in such heavy work. Now I am doing somewhat better.
Dear Emil and family, I wish all of you health and a blessed New Year. Best regards from all of us.



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