December 25, 1936

Fahrlander Family
Haltingen, 25 December 1936

My dear Uncle, dear family:

Today we celebrate the holiday of Christmas and everything is quiet and still. Thus one has time again to think of his dear ones who celebrate Christmas far away from home. We have not corresponded for quite some time now. I hope, however, that you as well as your family are well.
Three weeks ago my oldest sister Rosa paid a visit to me here in Haltingen. According to her, Father is all right. The loss of our Mother has made him rather old. He often thinks of you and wants me to write you frequently. Tomorrow on the day of St. Stephens I will go to Siegelau, planning to stay several days, especially to give Father some happy hours.
Dear Uncle, when you write our Father again please use large letters to make it possible for Father to read it himself, despite his bad eyes. Father has not given up the farm. New laws contain some unfavorable regulations concerning any contracts for us. He also finds it difficult to decide when to give it up, even though he would be happy to be rid of it now in his old days. When I get back from home, I will write you again soon.
I still am in the same place. Business is good at present. I moved in May. I have a beautiful apartment now , but I have to pay more rent for it too. I am only five minutes from my business. In spite of that I am planning to look for a better job in the course of this year. The metal industry is improving somewhat. I will probably also have to serve in the army as a soldier in the coming year for about eight to ten weeks. Well, that will pass too.
How is your wife? Is she always well and strong? I think it is a great fortune to be allowed to be together in our old age. Is your daughter Helene still employed in the court house?* Could she please be so kind as to write me once again? I always enjoy trying to decipher something written in English. Did you receive the book some time ago? It is “Stories of the Land of Baden,” by Josef Bader. As soon as I find the opportunity I will provide more histories of your home region should so desire.
I want to conclude now and wish you and your entire family a healthy and pleasant New Year.

Yours, Vitus

(At the end of the letter, he adds, to show the size of lettering for his Father to read: Lettering for Father, “I love my home region.” This in large writing. And: If you write only a few words as large as this, Father would enjoy it very much, since he would be able to read it.)

*Either Dad or I wrote that I was working in a law office, and Vitus evidently translated or interpreted this as court house.


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