December 1, 1947

Fahrlander Family
Haltingen, 1st December, 1947

Dear Aunt Maria,Cousin and family!

Fourteen days ago we have got your box and we all thank you very heartily. The box has made a long time from you to us. The new shoes were a great joy and surprise for me. I can make use of the shoes very good especially now the winter is coming with its snow and wet weather and I had no whole shoes. Something the shoes are to great, but in spite of this I can _______(?) it. The ________(?) Mother is making for herself ________(?) of other things she has made something for our little boy Erich. Of course we can need every trifle (?) very good, because we are not in the situation to buy anything in a shop. Especially in the winter that is very badly.
My Mother had a great joy about the stockings. Stockings are very needed by the womans. All the other things are very useful and good for us.
The agriculture situation after the war is not better. The hot summer in this year has made the crop of the potatoes very bad. This will give a sad winter and spring. Only the wine-crop was good.
But also we hope that all this will over and will be slowly better in the next year.
Yesterday the first snow has fallen, all is covered with a white mantle. It is very cold.
In September I have had the opportunity to visit the Technikum-school in Munchenbut (umlaut over the u) I got not permission to _______(?) the French-Zone and so I have to wait till next year in summer.
What is _________(?) you, your family and Aunt Maria? Are you all healthy?
Now I will finish.
We all want you, your family and Aunt Maria a happy Christmas and the best in the New Year.
With the best of regards
I remain your

Hansrudi Fahrlander


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