December 18, 1889

Fahrlander Family
Council Bluffs, Dec. 18th 1889

Dear Friend Fahrlander

I received your letter last night, but it did not appear to me that it was as seasick as mine, as yours was all right. I enjoyed it very much to hear from you again.
We have finished husking the corn. The weather is so beautiful here, as one could wish. Once we had about three inches of snow; that was when
I wrote you my last letterl Since that time it has been beautiful.
You wrote me that you are thinking of trying to bring a wife along. Well, you really grabbed it there, that is, you really hit the nail on the head, for I and William Scheel have been building a house for two weeks now. We are finished with a beautiful summer kitchen. It is large, that is, 10 x 12 feet and 7 feet high. We could easily put a bed in there for you in an emergency. And now we are busy constructing a bedroom behind the old kitchen, this one to be 12 x 14. That I wanted to keep for myself and if it can not be done otherwise you can move in there too with your "old one".
We have been at work on the mountain doing construction work. We renovated the old barn, using new boards and new shingles.
There was a shooting match recently at the Song Creek but I did not go. As far as my health is concerned, dear friend, I feel pretty good and thank God my family is well too. Mr. William Scheel and Johnny can make beautiful music now. They sometimes play twice a week with my William Ellerbeck watching them play High Five (Uker). Then Professor Fahrlander is sometimes spoken of and your fiddle is used as well too.
Should you get to Engweiler you really have to ask for Peter Jerre and where he lives, for that is Hoffname.* If I could only be with you for a few weeks we would really go after it. Well, we will just have to wait until you get home again, then we can have fun again.
I will probably have to stop writing now for I am getting impatient. If I could only write as well as you, it would be all right, but what I am doing will probably be good enough. I was happy to hear that you received the newspaper. If there is anything I can or could do for you, please let me know. I will take care of it if at all possible.
Many regards to you from your friend,

John Young

Reply right away. My wife sends her regards too as she well remembers that you picked up the cattle when I was not at home. Well, Mr. Fahrlander, I am going to Council Bluffs tomorrow and I will drink a glass beer for you. When will you come back here again? I think Mr. Gosch is not looking for you.

( This letter written to Dad while he was in Germany on a visit through winter of 1889-90.)

*Several years after translation, it occurs me that he means "Hof Namen" of "farm name"; hof, according to dictionary, means farm or courtyard.



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