December 15, 1887

Fahrlander Family

Freiburg 15 December 1887

Dear Brother

Already more than 7 years have passed since the last time that we saw each other. You must think that your brother is not living anymore because he has not written, but you know that I am a very poor letter writer. But now I am the situation where it is compulsory to write.
Since November 5, I have been in the barracks at Freiburg as a soldier. Well, it is going quite well up to now, but it has no comparison to home. They are under very strict training until they conlude their training. I am, praise God, in good health, which is the important thing. But as a result Father is now forced to work with strangers and has no one who would be concerned that things go right. For that reason it would be a good thing if you were home, but that is also impossible. They will have to take things the way they are. At Christmas time I expect to receive furlough and will see how things are going at home. As long as there isn't any war the time will be up in three years, and by that time you will possibly have come home.
You have requested a photograph from me but I always delayed it, thinking I would wait until I got into the service and up until now I have not had any time for such things, because last Sunday was the first time that I had any free time. We always have much to do. I will now finish my letter and will try to write more next time and wish you well for the New Year, and please write as soon as possible.

The address is
Musketeer Fahrlander
Company 3, the Baden Infantry
Regiment No. 113
Freiburg im Br.

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