August 21, 1892

Fahrlander Family

Siegelau, 21 August, 1892

Dear Brother!

Once again I have been negligent in my writing and you will probably think that your letter had not arrived. I had started once, all right, but did not finish. Otherwise everything is pretty much all right with us, aside from the bad fact that my foot has healed as far as that goes, but stiff, I am afraid. But walking works better than I would have thought. Others are all right, so far.
As far as the season is concerned, it has been one pretty stingy with rain. For the last two weeks we again have not had any rain and terrible heat in the 30's (C). The crop is all in now, but few sheaves. There is quite a bit of fruit from the orchard, particularly apples.
Three weeks ago we had a great feast, that is, a military club was founded and the flags were dedicated.
But I want to tell you the newest event. My old mother-in-law is going to marry the owner of the Adler Inn, whose wife died last year, an event I do not like much. And the Trenkler Sepp* has Marie from the Resch Farm as a prospect. That will probably take place soon too. Thus there are good days in the future. The owner of the Hirsh Inn had to go in for military exercises for six weeks again in order to participate in maneuvers. I do not have any other news.
I want to conclude now. We want to wish you much happiness and health. Write again soon how you are doing with your farm.
Kindest regards from your brother,

Franz Anton

Special regards to your wife and parents-in-law. Farewell.

*Rosa's widower, Joseph Kury..



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