August 17, 1884

Fahrlander Family
Siegelau 17 August 1884

My Brother!

Finally, dear Brother, I sit down to write you a few words, how I am in my new home. We are, thank God, all of us well and we hope that you are too. Dear Brother, my first piece of news I would like to inform you that I gave birth to a boy on the 18th of June, who has received the name of Franz Anton. The older Joseph Hermann has already become a big, strong boy. Victoria, who smiles at you so nicely, has really turned into a little lively one who spends the whole day in the house of the Grandfather with the little sister Mary Anna*. My husband, Joseph, was called up on the 17th of June for a twelve-day training exercise in Freiburg, just as I was ready to give birth.
Dear Brother, already a year has gone by since I left my parental home and followed the man of my choice. We have lived in peace ever since, for I found a heart with whom I can share pain and joy.
It has been quite some time since you left our circle. I am sure that you will often think of the members of your family, for only if separated from one's parents is one forced to experience the love and goodness of one's parents. With you far away in a strange world where you do not know a single human being you must feel rather lonely often. I do think very often of you, perhaps more than you would believe, even though I never write. I received your letter and you would really scold me if you were with me here. Well, you are right. I do have to work hard, but it should always be possible to find the time. However, I also suffer from the weakness that I do not like to write letters. Well, I know pretty well that you are not mad at me.
Casimir Holzer has returned from America about two weeks ago. He is now staying in the house of his mother. I do not know whether he will stay here or whether he will return to America. He has become much heavier in the time he was away.
Your brother Franz Anton was in the Black Forest for the hay harvest, which perhaps Father has told you too. He will soon be so big and strong that you would be quite surprised if you could see him now.
This summer we have always had good hot weather and only little rain. On the average the fruit harvest has been rather good. To be sure there were hardly any cherries or plums this year.
Dear Brother, when you write again, please ask for a photograph of my family and write me also how you like it at your new place where you are so deeply in the wilderness and know no one except Peter Zaver.
We are now employing Theresia Baren (umlaut over the a) as our maid and she sends her regards to you and to Xaver. Sher served, as you might know, as a maid on the Resch farm.
Now I want to conclude my letter with kindest regards from everyone in my family, but particularly regards to you from your sister Rosa. Please, Brother, write sooner than I, and forgive me my bad penmanship. Kindest regards from our Grandmother.
Goodby, Brother, until we see you again.


*Possibly referring to Victoria smiling at a photo of Dad.




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