April 5, 1900

Fahrlander Family

Siegelau 5 April 1900

Dear Hermann!

It has been rather a long time since I last wrote you. My negligence in writing increases more and more, even though I would have more time than before. Well, my age of 60 years is coming to the force all right and that can not be avoided.
Your last letter of the 19th of January of this year arrived here with us safely and as always we were most happy to hear from you again. As far as we are concerned we are all well. This winter there have again been quite a few cases of influenza and quite a few people, particularly among the elderly, have died as a result. I myself had to fight it, too, and this was for three full weeks, even though I had to lie in bed for only a few days, but I did not feel well and was suffering for an extended period of time. Your brother was affected as well. Thank though, everyone is well again.
Since Christmas we have had bad weather constantly with never any sun and famous professors attribute to this the fact that so many people have fallen ill. Even now, it is always cold here and during the night there is frost and this at a time when with normal weather the trees would be in bloom. So far nothing could be done out in the fields. Everyone is hoping for better weather and it stays bad the same as ever.
We too are quite interested to hear about the war in Africa and we wish and hope that it will lead to a good end for the Boers. It is true though, that of late the Boers, according to newspaper reports, have not been favored by fortune. Nevertheless I am still hopeful that even though the Boers have to fight against a vastly superior power, thay might still succeed to send the English home, as is their due. I have often thought that the great republic of America should be the first to feel obligated to assist her brother republic of Africa. However, it would appear that the Americans do not want to worsen their relations with the English. Besides, this unjustified piracy of the English will be revenged upon them sooner or later.
At present a lot of construction work is going on with regard to the railway from Waldkirch to Elzach. A huge crowd of Italians is employed as laborers there. In Bleibach the track goes right through the town itself. Below the Sun Inn a house actually lived in, and a wash house had to be taken down. The construction work is supposed to be compledted by late next year.
Last summer Rieder from Kohlenbach, Harmwald, built a beautiful shop in Kollnau on the (main) street. His son, Wilhelm, who is a blacksmith, and who late last year married a farmer's daughter from Kohlenbach, lives in the new house now and has started his own business in the blacksmith shop, which is doing well. His second son, August, who is a barber, wants to start his own business (barber shop) too, in this new house and wants to start with it before Easter. Kollnau, which due to the large factory there, is growing constantly in population, should be favorable- to both business enterprises.
I want to conclude now, wishing that all of you are well. Your father sends many regards to your wife and you and wishes you well.

F. Ant. Fahrlander

Best regards also to your children from their Grandfather in Germany, from Mother too. Write again soon, too.



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