April 3, 1933

Fahrlander Family
Siegelau, 3 April 1933

Most Esteemed Cousin Frank Anton Resch*

We received your dear letter and you will have been waiting for an answer for some time now. However, I must apologize. I have had bad eyes for years now so that I can neither read anymore or write, otherwise you would have received an answer sooner. I have been unable to write my brother for some time now too. To go by remarks in his letter last letter, he must have breathing too. I would imagine that he would be happy to find out from you that you want to come to Germany. Otherwise, I can not write much.
It could be better with our health too, but one has to take it as it comes. I hope that the letter will reach its destination before you depart. As far as everything is concerned, it could be better for us.
I want to finish now, hoping that the letter gets to you in time.** I include the address of my brother Hermann.
Many greetings from all to you and to my brother Hermann. I will mail a letter to him, too, soon.
Again, best regards,

Franz Anton Fahrlander

* Mr. Schweder remarked that the salutation translating into "Most Esteemed Cousin" indicates a very formal, but perhaps not too close relationship. After all, since Resch came to the U.S. Before Dad did, and was six years older than and about eight years older than Franz Anton, F.A. probably did not remember him very well, it at all.
** This letter was sent on to Dad after Resch received it, and may explain an envelope among the letters, empty, postmarked Columbus, Ohio in 1933, from Resch to Dad. I had been looking for a letter from Resch to Dad for this year, 1933, but could find none. On the original letter was written "Received 4-15-33," probably Resch's notation. Good mail service for pre-airmail era.


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