April 29, 1889

Fahrlander Family

Freiburg, 29 April 1889

Dear Brother:

I received your letter with great joy and learned from it that you are well and that you really left your master. You just do not know how happy we would be if you could come once again to see us. I saw from your letter that you would like to be home once again too, but I am afraid it is quite a distance and probably longer than I think. If I could leave I would visit you too and take a look at life in America. I would probably like it better in the beginning until I got used to it.
Well now I want to enjoy myself with our parents once I get away again from this affair. I did again spend five days at home this Easter. Thank God all are well at home and have to work busily for the winter has been rather long and they have been unable to do almost anything in the fields before Easter and there was still snow up on the corner, but now it has been good growing weather so far. I t will probably be about the same for you and you probably have a lot of work to do now too.
I saw in your letter that you would like to start a business for your self. Well, that will probably be better than working for strangers, but as far as I can see, you have not quite resolved the issue of marriage and I can well believe that it is probably not easy, but if you want to be independent, it will be better for you if you marry. If, though, the parents of your girl are not entirely for it, but if you get along all right with the daughter, they will not much know what to do and things will improve, I am sure. The main thing is that you agree with your loved one.
I want to conclude my letter now. I am actually on guard right now and have to go to do sentry duty before the Grand Duke heir who recently became commander of our regiment. Now it is nicer doing sentry duty since the night is not so long and not so cold anymore as it was in winter. We are on guard duty there every six days until the young are trained again; now only every 12 days and we are relieved every two hours, meaning that we have to do sentry duty for two hours at a time. Otherwise things go pretty well. I am still well, which is the main thing. Now the time passes fast this summer. Perhaps I can get away by next fall, which would be all right with Father.
They had a little argument, that is, our people and Leonhardt.* Leonhardt is of the opinion that Father had put away certain things belonging to Fidel. Now the effects are auctioned off and then the money is divided up. At first they had intended to divide up the things themselves, but Leonhardt was the only one not to agree to that. It will probably be better now.
Kind regards from your brother.

Fr. Ant.

* At this time it is not known who Leonhardt was. Dad's father has mentioned brothers and sisters, but has only written about his brother Fidel in particular. Possibly Leonhardt was a brother, since he was so concerned about Fidel's estate.




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