April 20, 1959

Fahrlander Family
Haltingen, 20 April 1959

Dear Emil and Wife and Children!

A week ago I was once again in Siegelau, the home of your father. At the grave of our grandfather I also thought of my dear Uncle Hermann with love in my soul, also of his dear wife who in the bitter years after the war never forgot me. Even though unfortunately I never see you, I am also with you in my thoughts. With this in mind I also want to write you today once again.
Dear Emil, in my last letter I wrote you whether it would be possible to publish my patent in a newspaper to sell it. Perhaps a company would express an interest in this patent and I could establish contact with it. I would sell the patent at a favorable price. Since I started construction work on a new building I am forced to sell the patent, otherwise I could not continue building. I do not yet live in the building of which I enclosed pictures in my last letter. Only my son is on the lower floor. Due to my accident which I experienced in February, I had to be in the hospital and because of that I missed out on both work and earnings. Right now I am somewhat on the path of recovery again and I hope I will be able to work again soon.
It would really make me very happy if you could reply to me soon concerning the sale of my patent. I would very much like to get in touch with a company which is involved in making of shaking devices. The shaking swing machines are being constructed more and more for transportation and thickening (or settling) purposes. If I would have any chance, I would at once produce my patent for concrete settling. Dear Emil, it would make me most happy to get in touch with a company in America.
I repair American machinery now too, graders. In my area there are more than 20 machines in use in the construction of a new auto highway. All prospectuses concerning repair work, replacement parts, are in English. Indeed America is the best helper for the German economy. If America should desert us we would collapse and Moscow would get us. At present we live in great danger because of the Berlin affair. That Dulles had to resign because of his health is a very heavy loss for us. I intend to write you concerning these matters some time.
Well now, dear Emil, please be so good as to write me soon concerning my request. From the depth of my heart I hope you, your wife, as well as all of your children are well and all of you are healthy. It would make me very happy if one of your children in college would come to Germany to study here some time.
Now I want to conclude my letter and my family wishes you everything good. Best regards from all of us.



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