April 14, 1895

Fahrlander Family

Siegelau, 14 April 1895

Dear Brother!

My dear brother, I must write you a few lines again, otherwise you would almost think that we had died. You have informed us that you would like to buy something for yourself and money is needed for that, and I can well believe that you are fed up with leasing and particularly if one can not stay in one place for several years. Well, dear brother, since we have not made a farm purchase so far, you will not be too upset with me if I have not sent you any money yet.* You will just have to be patient a little longer. Perhaps Reider has written you. If the purchase is completed, I will send your request or what is owed you as well as it stands in my powers, to your representative Christian Rieder. I do not know whether I can give you all at once, since we have not discussed the matter itself, nor agreed on it. It also is not so easy to do if one has a fairly big family and one has to wait until one gets something. Well, it will not get much better. For us, farm properties involve colossal expense, particularly if one still has a rather large amount of help and wages keep rising constantly and I can only find consolation in the hope in later years, when, if the children remain as healthy as they have been up to now, and we too, then things will be all right. The almighty will take care of you the way it should be.
Dear Brother, you have asked me for a picture of our house and its surroundings. So far I have not talked with any photographer but I will get to Waldkirch at the earliest opportunity and will then inquire how much it will be and I will then inform you in regard to the matter.
Everything otherwise is pretty much all right, even though it could be better. We have had a very cold winter here. From Christmas until the end of March there was so much snow that it was almost impossible to get outside. It was cold all the time. Now this month we can do some work making wood. We have always had to take shovel and pick along to remove the snow so that it was possible for us to get close to the wood and to split it, and on the acres the grain was completely removed in the wet places and those on the Winter side. We also have to seed back a lot of the summer crop so that the damage will not be too big. On the land it is better. There was milder weather once in January and where the snow was not removed the winter crop was completely suffocated under the snow.
Well, I want to conclude now. Therefore, best regards from your brother and brother-in-law and wife Theresia. Well, be patient with me a little more.

(Franz Anton)

Today we had a very strong and cold north wind.
What is Benedict doing anyway?

* Refers to letters of 10 November, 1890, and 18 February, 1895.




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