April 12, 1965

Fahrlander Family
Haltingen, 12 April 1965

Dear Helen

Now I have time to give an answer to your lovely letter of 20 March, 1965. Since January I have been sick from a cold. I cannot speak very good yet and only do light work. Each day I have to go to the doctor and I am now a little better.
Now that you are coming to Germany to see the home of your father I am very glad that you have courage to come to us. Such a flight will be very expensive also. I also wrote to my brother Georg in Siegelau that the daughter of our dear Uncle Hermann from America is going to come to Germany too. My brother Georg has the house where your father in Siegelau was born. My brother and his wife are very glad that you are coming to Siegelau. My brother said that they would have a house for you to live in when you come and visit. You will visit a number of their sisters in Siegelau and stay with them awhile.
You want to come on the airplane to Frankfurt and then come by train by Karlsruhe to Haltingen. This is right to plan it this way. You can go direct from Freiburg by passenger train to Haltingen and we will get you from there and the other things you want to do you can discuss them from there. I will not go to Siegelau. Be so kind and learn some German yet that we can speak together. My son Hansrudi can speak English but we never could speak English.
We are all very glad that you want to come and visit us. I wish to be excused that I have been so late in answering your letter. If you can, let us know when you will leave. The air mail will be here in 4 days. I wish you happy landing.
Our hearty greetings to your daughter and the dear, pretty child and we wish this young family much health and happiness. Be so good and give me the address of your brother Emil. I have lost the address and could not write him and wish him all the best. I hope to have a joyous meeting in the home of your father.

(This letter translated by Mrs. J. C. Reimer of Newton)


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