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Hermann, Franz-Anton Fahrländer 1889-1890

Hermann, Franz-Anton    Fahrländer

In the fall of 1889, Hermann (seated left) undertook the only return trip to Germany since immigrating to America in 1880. It was perhaps homesickness, and the loss of his love, Julia Gosch that prompted the homecoming. His arrival was a complete surprise, as he wrote no one of his intentions. In memoirs, he mentions a rough voyage to Europe aboard a Red Star Liner, in the company of a band from Germany that had spent the summer touring in the states. Anxious to be with loved ones, he completed the trip along the Rhine by night, all but ignoring many venerable old cities he might normally have enjoyed along the way. According to Hermann's memoirs, none of his family members immediately recognized him upon is arrival at Reschlierdenhof.. The photograph with brother, Franz-Anton, was taken during many outings to Freiburg, where Franz-Anton was stationed in the German army. The trip would turn bittersweet, as influenza swept Europe and much of the world. Hermann came down with the flu, and his only surviving sister, Rosa was stricken during childbirth, and died. His parents raised the baby. His visit lasted through the end of February, when he returned to the U.S. to seek farm work, the best of which was obtained in Spring. In the fall of 1890, both brothers would marry within weeks of each other.

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