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                            This website is devoted to the descendants of Hermann and Marie (Gosch) Fahrlander,
and dedicated to Helen Ramsey (Fahrlander) whose love of family history made this possible.
Born May 20, 1863, in Siegelau, Germany, in the Dutchy of Baden, Hermann was the oldest son among four children
 of Franz-Anton and Viktoria (Hummel) Fahrländer, and the only member of his immediate family immigrating to
America. His sister Rosa (Kury) is pictured left center and brother Franz-Anton is pictured in the center of this earliest
known family portrait taken in 1870. Not pictured is the youngest daughter, Maryanna.
(see 1880 family portrait)
                        Viktoria died in 1873 of consumption. Franz-Anton (Sr.) remarried Viktoria's sister, Theresia in 1874. 
Hermann's immigration to the United States is the subject of speculation, but according to members of his brother's
family in Germany, Hermann, sought to become a teacher. It was his father's wish, but his step-mother declined to
finance his education. Despite passing entrance exams, he was unable to enter the seminary. Military conscription was
also a consideration. He arrived in New York in late September 1880, and remained through July 1883. Moving west at
his father's urging, Hermann settled in Council Bluffs Iowa. He Married Marie Green Gosch on Oct. 20, 1890 moved to
Union, NE in 1913, and finally to Brule, NE in 1934.  He died on Jan 23, 1944, his wife Mary passed away on Nov. 22 1947. More comprehensive history based on memoirs and letters sent to Hermann from family members is forthcoming